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Scenes From the February 2018 Event
(With Larry Lipnik )
Wide Photo
Photo by Dave Pokoreney
Larry 3 Larry & Carol Larry W/Mic
Windmeisters iPad Music Sheets More Players

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Scenes From the February 2017 Event
(With Gwyn Roberts)
       Carol5      Carol1
                Gwyn discusses technique with the group.                                 Working on technique

WS4 Workshop1
Announcement by our chapter
president, Carol Mishler
Overview of the workshop group

WS18 WS17
Gwyn discussing the contrabass Playing session at the workshop
Coffee break and snacks Carol Martinez, Gwyn,
and Lynelle Williams

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The chapter workshop with
(February 13 2016)

Ellise conducting Ellise conducting

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With Faire Windes Helloise & Carol
Heloise coaches Faire Wyndes Quartet Chapter president, Carol Mishler & Heloise

Orlando Group
The Orlando group attends the workshop

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Lunch on Patio James Chaudoir Group James Chaudoir Lunch Break
Lunch break on the patio James Chaudoir led the
January meeting, 2016
James talks to a player Gathering on the patio

National Board Meets

Laura Kuhman TrautweinPresentation
Laura Kuhlman, ARS national president Above: Laura Kuhlman and Charlotte Trautwein Presentation of ARS certificate to the Sarasota Earlye Musicke Consort for many years of service to the community and to the ARS organization
ARS Play Fludde
Sarasota ARS members playing for Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde at Church of the Palms

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Preparation 2015 Scenes from the 2015 Workshop RW 2015
Preparation, 2015   Directing, 2015
Announcement of the President Go Music Making
Coffee Break
Announcement by our president, 2015 Guest Clinician, Bob Weimken, 2015 Coffee break, 2015
Lisette Kielson Renata & Carol Recorder Session
Lisette Kielson, 2014 Renate Winter and Carol Mishler, 2014 Scene from a Recorder session (1)

Active Session Gwyn Roberts Leads Rainer Breckmann
Recorder Session (2) Gwyn Roberts Leads Rainer Beckmann, February, 2012
Larry Lipnik Charlotte with Instruments Charlotte and Gwyn
Larry Lipnik at the workshop, 2013 Charlotte Trautwein & our lower instruments Charlotte Trautwein and Gwyn Roberts, 2011

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Photos from our 30th Anniversary Gala

Anniversary Cake CrowdLeft: The cake says it all!

Right: Eager Sarasota Recorder Society participating crowd.

Lynelle b Seth at the piano Charlotte B
Lynelle Williams Seth Wertz (director and chapter founder) Charlotte Trautwein